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We are using Grade 4A white house birdnest. (白屋燕燕盏燕条)

It’s 165ml per bottle, 4.5g of bird’s nest in dry weight.

LiuWei Bird’s nest – 250 ml big bottle, 6.5g of bird’s nest in dry weight.

Best consumed within 20 days upon delivery and must be kept refrigerated at all times.
Pour warm water 60℃ – 80℃ into a larger bowl, and place the bird’s nest into the container, let the water warm the bird’s nest for about 10 minutes.
The nutrients of a bird’s nest will benefit the mother and baby simultaneously. And it would be great if you have a bottle of bird’s nest a day till the end of confinement! Good for you and your little precious cute as well!
The best time to consume a bird’s nest is with an empty stomach early in the morning or 1 hour before going to bed.


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