About Us

Precious Bird Nest

In 2019, we decided to launch Precious. As it is originally for our precious friends and family, is now available for everyone’s Precious out there. This product is created out of the experience we had for decades, it is also often a form of love and appreciation that customers buy as a gift, and that is also what drives us more to do our best to serve every one of you, our Precious.

Freshly Boiled Bird's Nest

For beginners of bird’s nest drinking, freshly boiled bird’s nest (aka Xian Dun Bird’s nest/鲜炖燕窝) is the best and pioneer product among all bird’s nest products.
It is far better than a canned bird’s nest (a bottled bird’s nest with a long expiry date that you bought at the supermarket), it has more bird’s nest, is natural, has no preservatives, has better flavor, etc.

100% Pure & Natural

Made Fresh Daily

Premium Quality

Some May Not Know

Precious Bird’s Nest is even better than what you cook at home, our cooking process requires a very controlled environment and temperature of 86c for 3 hours, similar to the “sous vide” cooking method, we can retain most nutrients possible in the process of low heat slow cooking.

Our Brand Story

From bird nest farming, and handpicked cleaning to supplying to consumers in mainland China, it always has been in our family business for decades. In the family, we all knew how it can benefit our body when consumed regularly but it has always been hard to explain to friends and relatives, most Malaysians don’t even know to cook bird nests properly.

Vision & Mission

We are set to educate more about the Birds nest market and how to differentiate between true and impure bird nest products. Also, we are dedicated to redefining bird nest drinking culture, making drinking true bird nest every day possible for everyone, and yes it is here, it’s not a dream.